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The three Maastricht webcams. Hotel DuCasque replaced the aging webcam in July 2014, facing the Vrijthof square in Maastricht. Update May 6th 2024: Message from the hotel manager: “Unfortunately we are not able to send out live streams of the Vrijthof anymore due to the privacy law”. Since November 2018 “Webcam-Maastricht“ added another webcam overlooking the river Meuse, from café-restaurant “The Piepenhoes”. We can see their own outside terrace along the river, and the ancient Servaes Bridge. Since January 2022 “Webcam-Maastricht” added another webcam to the Vrijthof Square, from the side. Please click HERE to see the images of these three (two) high quality webcams.
Maastricht 2024 Vrijthof concerts All Twelve Maastricht 2024 concerts are on sale!! Thu July 4, Fri July 5, Sat July 6, and Sun July 7, 2024 Thu July 11, Fri July 12, Sat July 13, and Sun July 14th, 2024 Thu July 18, Fri July 19, Sat July 20, Sun July 21. Official ticket sales: https://www.andrerieu.com/en/tour or https://www.visitmaastricht.com/andre-rieu/vrijthof-concerts For Hotel- and VIP packages: André Rieu Travel: www.andrerieu.com/travel For Terrace-dinner packages: www.visitmaastricht.com/andre-rieu/vrijthof-concerts The fan dinner (Fri. July 5) registration is open on this website under “Maastricht Info”. Please register first. You can pay later. https://www.andrerieumovies.com/maastricht_fandinner.htm
Important message for the fans about FAKE RIEUS. Currently a few fake Rieus are misleading the fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Be sure that the real André Rieu never writes messages to fans on Facebook, via PM or otherwise. He’ll never ask for money or whatever. He has no adopted son, he does not announce concerts or Meet and Greets on Facebook. The right information can be found on his official website: www.andrerieu.com. So please report and block these fake persons. Instructions (from André’s Facebook page) how to do that, click HERE.
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2024 Christmas Concerts Tickets for the 2024 Christmas concerts on December 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 22, in the MECC, Maastricht, are on sale now!! https://www.andrerieu.com/en/tour
2025 New Year’s Concerts Tickets for the New Year’s Concerts on January 11 in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam and January 12 in the Sportpaleis, Antwerp (Belgium) are on sale now!
April 24, 2024 Article from “Telegraaf” added. André Rieu (74) makes a painful decision after illness: 'I don't want to do this to myself anymore' Click on the picture and scroll down the page to read the article.
May 6, 2024 New event in Maastricht on July 10th 2024. Trio SAAMn. During the month of July, the city of Maastricht will buzz with the sounds of André Rieu's Johan Strauss Orchestra on weekends. On Wednesday, July 10, you can enjoy a concert by the trio SAAMn in Kapel Opveld in Maastricht, which will transport visitors to different atmospheres with a very varied concert. The trio has already rehearsed several times in Kapel Opveld and is delighted with the acoustics in the Chapel. The trio from André Rieu's orchestra consists of Martine Wijers - piano, Linda Custers - violin and Kalki Schrijvers - Mezzo soprano. Click here for tickets https://www.tickli.nl/tickets/trio-saamn
FANS DINNER in MAASTRICHT. To the fans who will be in Maastricht on Friday July 5th. It is still possible to join the fansdinner on the ship (photo). For more information concerning the menu, drinks and the price, go to our website, or click HERE or on the picture. Registration for the fans dinner will be closed on June 30, so there isnot much time left!
April 15, 2024. TWINS have been born! Dear fan friends, In 2022, Ineke got the idea to write down her memories of more than 25 years of André Rieu fan-friendships. The title of the book is: “Music Connects People”. Now the time has come that the books, in Dutch and English, are available. The books contain 55 chapters, with 155 pages of text and many photos. All fans involved have given us permission to mention their names and post photos. For more information, to order and pay, click on the picture or mail us, when you want us to bring the book to Maastricht in July. Ruud and Ineke Elshout-Cornelissen
March 28, 2024 André falls ill in Mexico and has to cancel 4 concerts. Click on the picture
March 31, 2024 André Rieu plays a leading role in his own animated book and series Click on the picture
May 17, 2024 Mirusia is touring the Netherlands again in October/November 2024. Click on the picture for more information.
May, 30, 2024 A summarized article from the Limburger about the making of the bull. Click on the picture
June 6th 2024 Soon to be released: Book “75 years André Rieu”, THE story of the Maestro. Author Tim Geurts, The Limburg Newspaper. André Rieu turns 75 this year. The book will be released at the end of June 2024, but you can pre-order it right now from the Limburger’s webshop. In July the book will be available in the book stores in Maastricht (only in Dutch language). Click on the picture for more information.
June 6, 2024 Where has André’s sculpture gone? Recently a video by RTV Maastricht about a location in the Maastricht district of “Wyck”, triggered our curiosity about André’s sculpture. Click on the picture.
June 12, 2024 Power of Love Announcement in The Limburger: The Vrijthof concert 2024 will be in cinemas from August 31, 2024. Click on the picture
June 16, 2024 Congratulations!! André Rieu and Frank Steijns, working together for 30 years! Click on the picture to read what Frank posted on his Facebook account.
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