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Fan Picnics in Maastricht 2020 & 2021 concerts canceled: In 2022: on concert Saturdays in July. Stadspark.
Throughout the years the tradition of a fan gathering in the Maastricht Stadspark (City park) remains. In 2022 the fan picnics will take place on Saturdays: July 9, 16, 23. between 12 pm and 2 pm.   Please bring your lunch, drinks and something to sit on (blanket, chair, etc). Last year we had about 100 fans from all continents (on the first concert weekend).
We recommend wearing a name tag with your name and country. There is no registration, just come to the park and meet a lot of fan friends. In case of inclement weather, we'll cancel. But we are not afraid of a little drizzle, we are Dutch. Umbrellas allowed. And you know the Limburg custom…. We'll bring a sausage to Saint Clara, or place a call to Saint Peter, to ask for nice weather!
During the picnics you may find Sonja Harper (USA), creator of the website; John de Jong (USA), one of the managers of the Ineke and Ruud Elshout - Cornelissen from the Netherlands, hosts of the web site and organizers of the fan dinner and picnics. We look forward to meet you all!!
Map of Maastricht; location of Fan Picnic is at the bottom right. Maps of the Maastricht city center are on sale at the Tourist Office for € 2.10.
In 2015/16/17 we set up a new record with about 100 fans who attended the fan picnic!! Photo by Al Girard.
And in 2016 we had another 100 attendants! Photo by Al Girard.
Fan Picnic 2010, a video impression by Richard Oswick
A fun video made by Alice Leung in 2009.
The video above is part of the road soap Welcome to my World 2, episode 10: “My musical year”. The images of the fan dinner and fan picnic were recorded in July 2016. It is not guaranteed that soloists or JSO members will appear to meet the fans. We never know what will happen.
The fan picnic place is located in the City Park, near the pond with the fountain and the historic city wall (from the 15th century) with the bastion (the round part) “The five heads”. During the night of March 24, 2019 the ancient wall suddenly collapsed (photo to the left) and some of the stones fell into the pond. In July 2019, when our usual Saturday fan gathering took place, the wall was propped up (photo to the right).
Beginning March 2020 and due to the worldwide outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, André Rieu was forced to cancel all of his concerts worldwide. The current plan for now are to play again in Maastricht in 2022. In May 2021 Ruud and Ineke visited Maastricht and checked on how the wall was doing. It looked awful. Even the round part showed a danger of collapsing and was propped. We heard rumors that the city council plans to rebuild the entire wall. We wonder what we’ll see in July 2022!!
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