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Serena Vanheuverswijn new violinist per November 2022.
From her website: My name is Serena Vanheuverswijn. Nice that you want to know more about me! I was born in Ghent, Belgium in 1998, where my musical journey began. When I saw a Christmas concert by André Rieu at the age of four on television, it was clear to me that I wanted to become a violinist! After much nagging at my parents, I was allowed to take violin lessons when I was eight! When I was eleven I moved to the Netherlands, where I continued my violin lessons in Amersfoort with Carla Heidema, Evelien Bouwmeester and Jan Schoonenberg. I am now a graduating master student at the Utrecht Conservatory, studying under Carla Leurs. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in 2021 through Chris Duindam. I think making music is the best and most beautiful thing there is! Playing together is very important to me. Since 2014 I have been active in various orchestras, including the Amersfoort Youth Orchestra, the Netherlands Youth String Orchestra, the Ricciotti Ensemble, National Youth Orchestra, the Netherlands Symphony Project and the North Pole Orchestra.
Vincenzo Viola on Facebook: November 11, 2022: Rehearsals together with our new lovely and talented violinist Serena Vanheuverswijn.
January 18, 2023. First concert of the German tour in Hannover and Serena joins for the first time the orchestra. You can see her behind Frank Steijns.
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