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Consolation Fairy January 31, 2022
January 31, 2022, The Limburger, by Merel Visscher. Photo-credits: Harry Heuts. Translation: Ineke/John. Maastricht Danae Borger makes her special comfort/consolation fairy - with violin - for André Rieu and his orchestra. Danae Borger came up with the idea of 'a comfort/consolation fairy' which adorned many windows in Maastricht during the corona time. On Monday she donated a special copy to her idol André Rieu and his orchestra. Large boxes of musical instruments for the Tampa, Florida (USA) concerts are already waiting in the hallways of André Rieu's studio. While in the background the sounds of the orchestra sound, Danae Borger is busy with Scotch tape decorating the entrance with hearts, musical notes and a special version of the by her invented comfort/consolation fairy. With of course, the violin. The skirt is made of flags of the countries where the orchestra has played. This fairy, which has already appeared in many variants, has been a happy note behind many windows in Maastricht during the corona time. Huge fan The fact that she now has been able to make a comfort/consolation fairy for André Rieu and his orchestra, has cost her sleepless nights. “I am a huge fan of Rieu, and have been to many of his concerts. Two weeks ago I heard that I was going to surprise him with this, which was the same day I finished the musical notes.” According to the Maastricht native, Rieu and his orchestra can still use some comfort/consolation. “They have also experienced a very difficult time and were unable to pass on their joy and passion for two years. So this comfort/consolation fairy is for all musicians.”
Hope When the comfort/consolation fairy is revealed by Rieu, the entire orchestra applauds. The violinist is not yet familiar with the comfort/consolation fairy, yet he is "very proud and happy with it." “That someone understands how difficult we had it and still have. Although we will soon go to Spain, where almost everything is allowed again. That gives us a glimmer of hope.
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