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Shellfish from ENCI quarry November 8, 2022.
November 8, 2022, de Limburger, by Vikkie Bartholomeus. Translation by John de Jong. André Rieu now also has his own shell: 66.1 million year old fossil gets name of violinist. Fourteen millimeters in size is the tiny shellfish, 66.1 million years old. Paleontologists have named a new species of chalk shell after André Rieu. The fossil was found in the ENCI quarry in Maastricht. The discovery of the new species has been announced in a scientific publication. It is a fossil with the Latin name Anniedhondtella Rieui, or A. Rieui. Paleontologist John Jagt of the Natural History Museum Maastricht: "Of course we go for the mosasaurses, turtles and other large stuff, but these are shells of a few millimeters which most people do not find interesting. Although they are equally fascinating." The little shell comes from the ENCI quarry. John Jagt consulted the South African specialist Michael Cooper about his find. "I sent a number of chalk-shells by courier to South Africa. That was quite exciting, because if they would be lost, no one would know what they were and everything would be lost. Michael Cooper was totally amazed at how small it is, it's really minuscule stuff. He suggested naming one after André Rieu. After all, it was found in Rieus' backyard."
Management A total of three new species have been discovered. Another chalk-shell was named W.ignota (literally: unknown) and the third was named W. neilpearti, named after the late drummer of the rock band Rush. Naming a new species does not require approval from the person himself, but according to John Jagt it has been submitted in advance to the management of Rieu. John Jagt: "He had a rose named after him a while ago in Lottum and now he has a shell from his backyard. What couldn't be more fun?"
So André has now a pink/purple tulip named after him, click HERE. And a red rose, click HERE. And a little fossil chalk shell from the ENCI Quarry in Maastricht.
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