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Tickets and Accomodation For Maastricht
Valuable hints to buy concert tickets for Maastricht. By Margaret Sansom (Australia). As soon as a concert is official you will find it in the agenda on the website. The agenda is updated regularly with new concerts. 1. Contact your financial institution to let them know you will be making large overseas transactions. Possibly multiple transactions if you are buying tickets for more than 1 concert. 2. Pre-register with Paypal 3. Have your credit card ready. 4. If you have purchased tickets previously check your Paylogic account. Paylogic is the official AR ticket seller. It may also be helpful to read these sections at If you are purchasing for the first time then you will register during the ticket purchase process so have your financial details ready beforehand. I used the link from that email rather than go through the AR website. 5. “Copy and paste” your code from the email. This saves confusion with letters and numbers. 6. Purchase your tickets. You may need to use a number of ways of paying so that is why it is good to be already registered and prepared for that possibility. 7. Print off your tickets and keep them in a safe place. If you have a problem contact Paylogic Phone +31 20 7009802 Then if necessary contact the AR Helpdesk If you try to buy tickets, and then try again for the same concert, you will be “locked out” for 20 minutes. Be aware that tickets do sell very quickly. Don’t panic that tickets for only 1 weekend at a time may be released. If you want to buy tickets including accommodation; click on the button "travel" on André’s website. then select the Maastricht section. If you purchase tickets and then are unable to use them, try selling them on Ruud and Ineke’s site Regarding accommodation I suggest using with a “free cancellation” option. And don’t forget, THE website for all information. Good luck. Thank you Margaret, this is very helpful. Ruud and Ineke.
Useful concert tips for Maastricht Take your ticket(s) A bottle of water Camera, spare batteries and memory Be aware that holding up iPADS/tablets is annoying for the people behind you. A lanyard from André's boutique is very handy for your phone/camera Scarves, banners, flags, glow lights Some fans like to wear a red rose to show that you know the Harmony parlor Wear pants with pockets, deep pockets. Money to buy a program or souvenirs. Buy them early because they might sell out. Have a good meal at lunch and a snack at dinner time Go to the toilet before the concert - you don't want to line up at interval and return too late! (You’ll be André’s target on the big screens!) Get to the venue early. Go inside the venue as early as you can. You never know who or what you might see! André and JSO are on the steps of the Theatre half an hour prior to the start of the concert Stay for ALL the encores. Go to the front with the Radetzki March. Stay around after the concert! You never know what might happen! Wear comfortable shoes, warm clothes, jacket. Bring an emergency poncho in case it might rain (André usually gives them on the seats). No umbrellas allowed. A small backpack rather than a handbag, because you need both arms for clapping, swaying etc. You need somewhere to put your purchases.
TERRACE DINNER ARRANGEMENTS How to book a dinner arrangement in one of the Vrijthof restaurants during the concerts? Contact the tourist office on the website of the Maastricht tourist information: . You can also mail them: or WhatsApp: +31 6 1062719 to book terrace arrangements, (three course dinner, excl. drinks, and included watching the concert on a big screen). The price of the dinner is between € 99 and € 117 per person, depending on which terrace you are.
Maastricht Anthem. At every Maastricht concert André plays the Maastricht anthem. Be sure you can sing along with the Maastricht residents!
Rules for the terrace dinner arrangements. During the concert days, all people on the Vrijthof square are requested to leave the square by no later than 5.30 PM (17.30 h). Then all entrances to the square will be fenced off. For those who have purchased dinner arrangements with one of the Vrijthof restaurants, it goes without saying to be sure to have your dinner tickets with you. People with dinner tickets are welcome to enter the square again, starting at 6.30 PM (18.30h). The dinner will start at 7 PM (19.00h). Find the restaurant of your choice (ticket) and wait to be seated by the staff. You will share tables with other guests. Except for some dancing outside the terrace on the streets, you are not allowed to leave your seat to enter the main concert area. In most instances, there is no direct view to the stage; you can follow the concert from your seat on the big screens located around the square. The concert starts at 9 PM (21.00 h) sharp. Due to the disturbing noise, the servicing of drinks or food is not allowed during the concerts. So, please order your drinks prior to the start of the concert or wait until the intermission in order to do so. Do not talk loudly to your friends during the concert. In case of rain, light or considered normal, you will be protected by big umbrellas/ parasols, placed throughout the terraces. Since summer weather is rather unpredictable in the Netherlands, be prepared and dress accordingly. If at all possible, check the weather forecast prior to the concert and you may wish to bring a light jacket, sweater or a poncho. Individual umbrellas are not permitted.
Carnival song: Maastricht is niet breed
Refrain (in dialect): Mestreech is neet breid, meh Mestreech dat is laank. Mestreech is de stad vaan de gezèlle vaan de zaank. Niks is te lestig en niks is te zwoer, want vruntsjap dat is noe zjus de krach vaan 't koer. For more information about this song, click HERE (Sonja’s dormant translations website)
HOTELS / BED & BREAKFAST ADDRESSES Accommodations, Where to stay??? Accommodations are very quickly fully booked during the Maastricht concerts in July. A great web site is Please be sure to book an accomodation with a last minute cancellation policy. We can also recommend the Maastricht Tourist Information (VVV). You can book accommodation through their website: or You can also mail them: or WhatsApp: +31 6 10627195. The site is in Dutch (NL), English (EN), French (FR) and German (DE) or: - mail them on, or: - call them at +31 (0)43 325 21 21. Please be aware of any time difference: Notice our world time clocks at the left side of this page. Booking desk of the Tourist Office is open Mo-Fri: 9AM - 6PM, Sat: 9AM - 5PM and from May to Oct. also on Sun: 11AM - 3PM. Another good website is: You may also try B&Bs and AirB&Bs.
TRAVEL PACKAGES VIA ANDRE’s WEBSITE. Click on to find the possibilities to book an André Rieu travel package. He is also on Facebook with André Rieu Travel!!
How to park your car in Maastricht. For those coming by automobile and are looking to park their car: Everywhere in the Netherlands, especially inside the cities, it is difficult to park your car. Even more so in narrow medieval cities, like Maastricht. Most parking lots in the city center of Maastricht have the same price: C: € 1,00 per 24 minutes or € 14,00 per day. D: € 1,00 per 20 minutes or € 24.00 per day. The parking garage under the Vrijthof square is the most expensive: € 35,00 per day (and probably closed on André concert evenings). It is so expensive because the municipality tries to discourage the traffic to the city center. Parking outside the city center is cheaper. Cheapest is Maastricht-Noord (free, with bus to the city center for € 2,25 per person), Frontenpark or Stadspark (underneath the Kennedy Bridge). These parkings will cost you € 10,00 per day. Walking distance to the Vrijthof is approximately 15 minutes.
How to order concert tickets Tickets for the André Rieu Vrijthof concerts can be ordered on the official André Rieu website (, scroll down to July 2024, and the website of the Maastricht tourist information You can also mail them: or WhatsApp: +31 6 10627195. Do NOT purchase tickets from any other ticket vendor, typically you pay far too much and those tickets are not guaranteed! PODIUM means “Stage”. Prices of the tickets (2024): Premium (A2) € 165, Rank 1 (A1 and A3) € 135, Rank 2 (B2) € 109, Rank 3 (B1, B3) € 99 Rank 4 (C2) € 79, Rank 5 (C1 and C3) € 69. Service charges included.
Important information: If you are driving to Maastricht for or during an André Rieu concert, you can park free of charge on the outskirts of the city at P+R Maastricht Noord. Arriva's bus number 10 will take you to the city center and back for only € 2,25 per person. Special shuttle buses will also be running after the concerts, with services running every fifteen minutes (starting from 11:45 PM) from the Boschstraat/Markt busstop. The last service to the car park will depart at 1:15 AM. This temporary service will be running on all days on which André Rieu will be performing.
Video above: A nice guided tour through Maastricht in English, by Dennis Callan. Consult also our web page under “Maastricht Info”: Maastricht city walks.
Picture to the left: Attention: In 2023: Some restaurants have changed. Nrs. 1 and 2 are the terraces of the Theater Hotel and restaurant Gauchos. At 8.45 PM André is on the steps of the THEATER. Between nrs. 3, 4 and 5 are the following restaurants: Bistro Jovial, Monopole, Nieuw Bruin, Brittanique, Aux Pays Bas, Momus/Dino’s, Vrijthof 9, Luster, Azie tapas, Corner Bakery, D’n Ingel, Vogelstruys, Basilica, Il Bacaro. Terraces on the left side of section C3 are: Gio’s, Vrienden v/h Vrijthof, (Perroen, Groote Societeit have changed). PODIUM = Stage. KERK = church. Screens to follow the concerts in town are: Platielstraat, Helmstraat, Amorsplein. Go there if you have no tickets. There’ll be a party too!!
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If you are travelling to Maastricht by car, you can park at several different locations. The closer the parking is to the city center, the more expensive it is. On this page we show you the most unexceptional places to park. View the smart map for an up-to-date (2023) overview of the traffic situation.
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