Pierre’s interactive Liberation Museum
Photo credits: Harrie Heuts s.
Limburger, July 20th 2023. By Crista Koevoets. Translated by Ineke, edited by Diana D. Le. Pierre Rieu is working on an interactive Liberation Museum. The Liberation Museum Maastricht will open at the end of 2024. Visitors will experience scenes from World War II (1940 – 1945). The Maastricht Liberation Museum Foundation was founded by Pierre Rieu, the son of the Maastricht violinist André. Scenes The museum wants to bring the past to life in images, light, and sound: "No classic exhibition with showcases, but a lively whole." With different scenes, the museum wants high school students to think about the similarities between past and present, and about making choices. Among other things, about betrayal and oppression, but also about connection and perseverance. "I want the new generation to think critically," Rieu explains. "But it is certainly not only interesting for high school students. Adults are also welcome." The motivation to start the Liberation Museum developed close to home, says Pierre Rieu. "It's close to my family history." As a child he loved to stay with his grandparents. There were photo albums from the war years. His grandfather was a refugee German Jew, his grandmother a resistance fighter. Generations of volunteers A group of 25 volunteers has been working for more than a year on the construction of the museum in a warehouse in Amby (district of Maastricht), the plans for which have been on the table for some time. It concerns several generations of volunteers, says Rieu: "A grandfather, his son, and his grandson work together. And there are even more fathers with sons. But also, myself with my children." That is why there is currently also a children's workshop in the shed. "They can really do anything: paint, learn to solder, get started with plaster. The cellphones stay away all day!” Donations Every week our volunteers are building the extraordinary Liberation Museum. To do that, we can use all the help we can get! From donations in materials and World War II items, to financial contributions. Every euro is more than welcome. We build everything ourselves, creating a unique experience that tells the story of World War II in a visual, vivid way. Want to donate? Then go to our website. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- André Rieu on Facebook. July 20, 2023. Did you know that my son Pierre, when he is not on tour with me, is working on a wonderful and unique project? Together with over 30 volunteers he is building a World War Two experience center. It’s all about the importance of showing the new generation how important it is to keep thinking critically. I help him where I can of course with this wonderful project. Please see for yourself at
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