Organic Carrots and Cauliflowers March / May 2024
March 19, 2024: Article from RTV Maastricht about carrots!! André Rieu inspiration for "Wilde Wortel Weelde" (Wild Carrot Opulence). André Rieu donates 200 kilos of organic carrots to the food cooperative "Gedeelde Weelde" (Shared Opulence) in the Sphinx district of Maastricht. The orchestra leader recently bought these carrots from a farmer in the province of South-Holland who, because of their appearance, ended up with 100,000 kilos of unsellable carrots. And although Rieu values his health and regularly eats unsprayed vegetables, the purchased portion of 200 kilos was still a bit too large for his freezer. That is why he decided to donate it to the Maastricht food cooperative, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. Giveaway The organic store immediately turned it into a giveaway and, inspired by André Rieu, they bought another 1000 kilos of carrots from the South-Holland farmer. Next Saturday (March 23) from 9 a.m, those carrots will be given away for free from the store at Petrus Regoutplein in Maastricht.
Article from Chapeau. March 22, 2024 André Rieu hands out free organic carrots To promote healthy food, André Rieu has started handing out organic carrots in Maastricht, for which people do not have to pay anything. The well-known violinist and orchestra leader had acquired a large batch of these carrots from farmer Cornelis Mosselman (right in the picture) from the province of South- Holland, who grows vegetables without chemical pesticides. The carrots can be collected free of charge in the coming days at the Food Co-op 'Gedeelde Weelde' (Shared Opulence) in the Sphinx district in Maastricht, which specializes in unsprayed fruit and vegetables. In recent years, André Rieu has focused on healthy nutrition, in addition to the sports program he follows with his personal trainer. The orchestra leader also grows his own organic vegetables in his garden. “I am convinced that fruits and vegetables that do not contain pesticides are healthier for people, so that is why I promote that. A few years ago, I was at a medical conference where a link was made between Parkinson's disease and pesticides. From that moment on, I only eat organic fruit and vegetables. My orchestra members regularly receive vegetables from me, when the yield is plentiful again. Hopefully I will inspire people to eat healthier.”
Note Ineke: To me they look normal carrots. Below: some surprising shapes, found on Facebook. Just for fun.
Video clip below: 1,5 minutes.
Organically grown cauliflowers from André’s garden!! May 14, 2024. From André Rieu’s Facebook site. Today André showed the first harvest from his garden: organically grown cauliflowers. How beautiful they look. He is the ideal promoter for eating unsprayed and healthy vegetables. We don't see any caterpillars in there!
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