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Previous items 2022 July - December.
July 2022. André’s mystery guest in the July concerts 2022. Dorona Alberti Read the article about her in the Limburg paper. She is amazing! Click on the picture and scroll down the page.
July 2022. Newspaper article about the youngest member of the orchestra: Joline Soomers She is a member of the ensemble “VerrasSing” as well. Click on the picture.
July 24, 2022. Very nice article from the Limburg Paper about Gosia Tarnowski Click on the picture.
July 26, 2022. Efteling news: Pierre became a member of the Efteling’s foundation board. Click on the picture to read the article.
July 28. 2022. Interview with Pierre Rieu about the Vrijthof concerts. from: “The Limburger”. Click on the picture to read the article.
July 2nd, 2022. From a supplement of “The Limburger”: André Rieu Boundlessly Popular. Click on the picture to read the article.
July 31, 2022. NPO1, AVROTROS (Dutch TV) broadcast a Documentary about the special bond which violinist André Rieu has with the Dutch royal family. The documentary “Rieu & De Oranjes” (Family name of the Dutch royal Family) consists of a compilation of concert pieces, interspersed with the violinist's personal memories of those meetings. Click on the picture.
August 1, 2022. Interview Limburg TV: L1. Rieu looks back on 15 successful Vrijthof concerts in July 2022. Click on the picture to watch the interview.
August 3, 2022. The Limburger: Warning about Fake tickets. Rieu sounds the alarm about invalid concert tickets on buyer’s sites. The sale for the Vrijthof concerts 2023 will not start until the second week of September 2022! “All we can do is keep informing that you should only buy our tickets through official channels. In our case via our own website If you find the word "advertisement" above your search engine address, that's an indication to start ringing the alarm bells!!!" Click on the picture.
July and August 2022 André Rieu announced fifth Christmas concert on Sunday December 11th, at 3 pm. in a funny way, and so “not-André”… In the meantime: 5 Christmas concerts in the MECC, December 2022.
August 14, 2022. André Rieu baptizes his rose on the rose festival in Lottum. Click on the picture.
August 13, 2022. Jet set photographer William Rutten added a portray of André Rieu to his photo exhibition. William told his story in “Shownieuws”. Click on the picture.
September 5, 2022. Golden oldie: We look back on a special Gala concert in 1998 for the winners of the National Postcode Lottery. On this occasion a limited edition of a pop-up booklet was released as a present for the audience. Ruud and Ineke found it very interesting and valuable to share with you. Click on the picture.
September 9th 2022. The whole world is in mourning because of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept. 8, 2022, at the age of 96. She was a great queen who served her country for 70 years, the longest serving monarch ever. at the age of 96. She was a great queen who served her country for 70 years, the longest serving monarch ever. Andr é Rieu posted a tribute on Facebook and we have a link to 2016 when he composed the Windsor Waltz for her 90th birthday and other nice video clips. Click on the picture for the tribute and click HERE for the Windsor Waltz in 2016.
October 1st 2022 Congratulations on your 73rd birthday, dear Maestro! Happy birthday! Successful touring through Germany, South America, Israel. and Portugal. We see you in November in Vienna and at Christmas in Maastricht! Ruud and Ineke.
September /October 2022. Touring South America!! Uruquay for the first time. Chile and Argentina. Click on the picture to watch a video of “Libertango” with the amazing Tango dancers Lola Gutierrez Rey and Emmanuel Marin.
October 30, 2022. André Rieu presenting the Great Maastricht Dialect Dictation. A spelling contest for the Maastricht dialect, organized by Veldeke Krink, in the MECC. Click on the picture.
November 7, 2022. Our Maastricht friend Jean Raemaekers found another “Golden Oldie” on the Internet, which we like to share with you. Two Andrés performing in 1995, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Dutch Zip Code Lottery. Click on the picture.
November 7, 2022 Croatia: Zagreb Arena A journalist and a producer of the Croatian weekly women’s magazine “Gloria” attended the Maastricht concerts in July 2022. André was planning a concert in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Currently André Rieu announced the concert on Nov. 25, 2022, and the journalist published a nice interview. Click on the picture.
November 8, 2022 Article from the Limburger: André Rieu now also has his own shell: a 66.1 million year old fossil from the Maastricht ENCI quarry got his name. Click on the picture.
November 8, 2022 In Memoriam: Pierre Kartner, 87, NL. (artist name: Father Abraham). Pierre Kartner composed world famous hits like “The Red Rose Café” and the “Smurf Song”. The Café where Pierre got the idea for his song, was “ ‘t Schippershuis” in the town of Hoorn. In 2002 André recorded the song and both met (with the entire orchestra) in Hoorn, to celebrate. In 2012 Pierre was the guest in André’s Vrijthof concerts. At that time there were a lot of Smurfs in Maastricht!! Click on the picture.
November 2022. New violinist in the Johann Strauss Orchestra: Serena Vanheuverswijn. Click on the picture.
November 19, 2022. Two Vienna concerts 2022, After a delay of two years, Ruud and Ineke attended the Vienna concerts on November 16 and 17, 2022. Recently our Maastricht friends Jean and Marie- Jeanne surprised us with finding a YouTube video of "the making of Schönbrunn Vienna" in 2006. We had never seen it before and it blew us away. We added the video and 2 photos of 2006. Click on the picture. (photo by Gunilla Burlin)
December 4, 2022. André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra, nominated for being the World's Largest Private Orchestra, by the WORLD RECORD ACADEMY. Click on the picture to read the announcement.
Privé/Telegraaf, December 1st 2022. “This was a year to never forget” “We are completely back after the pandemic. How we enjoyed it again, especially in the Netherlands this summer," says the waltz king in an exclusive interview with Privé, in which he looks back on an exciting 2022. Click on the picture to read the full article.
December 5, 2022. Dutch TV, AvroTros, NPO 1. Ivo on Sunday. Ivo Niehe interviews André about his Sunday morning experiences. Click on the picture.
December 7, 2022. During the entire month of December 2022 André is in the picture on Dutch TV. To our great pleasure, the episodes of the long awaited new soap series were also broadcast. Click on the picture.
December 10, 2022 Christmas in the MECC in Maastricht. Click on the picture
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