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Justinas Kaunas violinist JSO since 2021.
We hear wonderful stories here in Maastricht. Again we wonder: is there a coincidence?? On Saturday July 9th 2022 we went out eating with our daughter Irene, at the Japanese restaurant Sashimi in the Helmstraat, next to our hotel. We spoke to the kind owner of the restaurant about the concert series, and she told us that her employee of 8 years now plays the violin in the Johann Strauss Orchestra. We suggested: Justinas Kaunas?? (Our search for the new faces in the Johann Strauss Orchestra, after the corona break of 2 years, had already led to this name). She was amazed! How did we know?? She told us that Justinas had worked for her during his study at the conservatory as a part time servant for 8 years! One day Pierre and his family had dinner in this restaurant and the conversation turned to music and Justinas said that he played the violin. Pierre suggested that the orchestra had a vacancy….. So, Justinas applied at André and was accepted!!! What a wonderful story!
During the 2022 concerts, fans were surprised by four “Meet and Greet” afternoons, organized by “hashtag Maastricht” in collaboration with various Orchestra members. (Click HERE). Justinas also came to take a look.
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